Healthcare ETF: Companies That Help Humans Live Long & Prosper

healthcare etf

This ETF is probably helping keep one of your friends alive.

Okay, maybe the Exchange-Traded Fund isn’t directly giving them life, unless they are #living for healthcare sector ETFs. But the life of someone you know probably depends upon a medication, technology, or device made by one of the companies that is a top holding in this investment. And this isn’t an exaggeration with around 60 companies in this ETF. The reach is that broad.

It’s probably not news to you that your friend with allergies or your uncle with high cholesterol relies on a medication made by pharma giant Pfizer to get through the day. But you might be less aware that your co-worker has Type 1 Diabetes, and wears a Medtronic insulin pump (and that its name is Penelope the Purple Pancreas). Your sister-in-law who got reconstructive surgery after breast cancer might have implants made by Allergan. Your little sister got the HPV vaccine last year? That was made possible by Merck & Co. Inc. Medtronic also might have their medical devices in any friends and family with artificial discs, pacemakers, or screws, rods, and plates used to patch up fractures and other injuries.

healthcare etf

The companies represented in Live Long & Prosper have their paws on the pulse of our health-seeking population.

The A-Z of Live Long & Prosper: It’s more than just a Big Pharma ETF

Okay, over one third of the holdings in this investment are pharmaceuticals, so we aren’t trying to say Big Pharma doesn’t play a big role in this ETF. But biotech, healthcare equipment/supplies, and healthcare providers are well represented here as well.

The top holding in Live Long & Prosper is Johnson & Johnson. If you’re anything like us, you can’t read Johnson & Johnson without immediately thinking: “A Family Company.” Excellent branding aside, this company covers just about an A-Z of health related products. Acuvue contacts: J&J. Zyrtec: J&J. In fact, if you check out the incredibly comprehensive wikipedia page for Johnson & Johnson, you’ll find the only first letters not represented in the encyclopedic list of their products are K, W, X, and Y. From Visine to Nicoderm, and Monistat to Aveeno, they’ve got most of our ailments, and most of the alphabet, covered.

Other top holdings in this invest include Pfizer, Medtronic, Allergan, and Merck & Co. Inc., all mentioned in our ‘people you may know with medical devices’ section above.

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Keeping it Local

All of the companies represented in Live Long & Prosper are based in the good old US of A. However, just because these companies are born and bred in the United States, doesn’t mean they don’t reach beyond our borders. There are around 60 companies in this ETF, and many are helping keep people happy and healthy all over the world.

Jonesing to dive deeper?

We call this investment Live Long & Prosper, because there’s nothing better than some solidly nerdy word play. But if you want to get all up in this investment’s business, you can always get more information at the fund website. Check out State Street Global Advisors’ Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund for all the down and dirty details. Everything from the fund top holdings, to the industry allocations, as well as the historical performance, expense ratio, and so much more.

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