Stash CEO Announces Series B Funding

Dear Stash Investors,

A lot has happened in 2016. We’re wrapping up the year with another exciting milestone, and want to share this moment with you.

I make it part of each day to chat with our growing client services team to make sure I’ve got my finger on the pulse of what you, the Stash community, are saying. We built Stash for you, and we are proud of how you are using it. You are learning. You are saving. You are investing. And I am so excited to see how hungry you are for financial education. You are part of a movement of diverse individuals on their way to becoming empowered, finance-savvy investors.

The Stash team is fired up to come in each day and keep growing our product, services, and most of all, our community. Because let’s be honest, we couldn’t do any of this without you. Stash is about you.

You have shown an increasing interest in understanding financial concepts that can often seem obscure to new investors. We are glad you are asking these questions and curious about investing concepts and jargon. Financial literacy is really important to us, because we know it can help people get off the sidelines, develop knowledge and skills, and realize that they really can do this.

While working on Wall Street, my co-founder Ed and I saw that traditional financial services make it difficult for people to start. The investing world is often viewed as confusing, expensive, and intimidating. We knew there was something fundamentally wrong with this picture, and we hoped Stash would be part of the solution. And with hundreds of thousands of Stashers in our rapidly growing community, you’ve shown us that we are onto something.

Which brings me to our big news:

We are proud to announce that we have raised $25 Million in Series B funding from Valar Ventures, Breyer Capital, Goodwater Capital, and Entrée Capital. (You can read more about the details here!)

We are going to use this money to keep building Stash. We are on this journey with you. We may be the guide, but it’s your financial future that you’re navigating. Our goal is to break down the barriers to investing by promoting your financial literacy, helping you create smarter financial habits, and empowering you, our diverse community of customers. We are excited to share new developments with you in the months to come.

We are growing — adding people to our team in an effort to give you more of what you’re asking for.

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. And for us, that means explaining What the Fiduciary a fiduciary even is. We may be the guide, but we understand that this is your journey.

We are beyond excited to keep growing and learning with you. We are listening. We look forward to the years ahead, helping you continue to empower your financial futures, and being here for you every step of the way.

As we have said before, you’re part of a movement — and there’s no stopping you now.

Brandon Krieg
CEO & Co-Founder