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Money News

Quizzical Education, Vol. 17: Test Your Money News IQ

August 30, 2018

1 min read

Test your knowledge of some of the most important news stories involving money. This week, see if you can recognize a popular investing myth, which jobs are in danger of being lost to automation, and which conglomerate rules the beer industry.

Find out in the 7 questions below:

News Quiz Vol 17

Which of the following companies is NOT among the three largest beer producers in the U.S.?

Anheuser-Busch InBev
Constellation Brands
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Though craft breweries are growing, California-based Sierra Nevada Brewing Company still has a long way to go before it catches up to the country’s largest beer producers. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the maker of brands like Budweiser, Stella, and Michelob, is the country’s largest.

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News Quiz Vol 17

Which popular investing myth is, surprisingly, not true?

“Sasq-watch” is a mysterious finance blogger who posts insider market information.
Professional fund managers can usually beat the market.
The Fed decides when to crash the market.
The Illuminati tells the Fed when to crash the market, and clues Sasq-watch in to its plans.

While you’d think the pros know better, roughly 95% of professional fund managers fail to beat the market. What does that mean? You’re might be better off buying index funds (funds that track the entire market, rather than individual companies) instead of hiring a pro to manage your investments.

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News Quiz Vol 17

REFRESHER: Which is an example of “diversification”?

A plate containing a taco and a burrito.
Julius Caesar leading his army across the Rubicon.
Using a credit card to earn reward points.
A portfolio containing a wide assortment of investments, rather than a few securities, or specific holdings.

Diversification has to do with the range of investments in a portfolio–not Mexican food or historical figures.

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News Quiz Vol 17

Workplace automation has led to job losses in certain sectors. Which of the following jobs has the most risk of being automated?

Food preparation.

Currently, those working in food preparation have the most risk of replacement by robots or other kinds of automation. Several other jobs are on the list, too, but according to industry analysts, commercial kitchens will probably see the effects first.

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News Quiz Vol 17

The average first-year costs of owning a dog (of any size) are:


The American Kennel Club calculates that the average costs of owning a dog, of any size, add up to more than $3,000.

Read more: How to Budget For Your Dog

News Quiz Vol 17

Which of the following is NOT a “FAANG” stock?


The five “FAANG” stocks are Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google–Alibaba doesn’t make the cut. At least not yet.

Read more: FAANG Stocks: What are They?

News Quiz Vol 17

What is one of the main differences between a checking account and a savings account?

You can buy securities with a savings account.
Savings accounts are typically used for day-to-day expenses. Checking accounts aren’t.
Checking accounts are typically used for day-to-day expenses. Savings accounts aren’t.
A checking account is also called a retirement account.

Most people use checking accounts for day-to-day expenses, and use savings accounts for saving up money. Neither are generally used to buy investments.

Read more: Checking Accounts vs. Savings Accounts: What’s the Difference?

News Quiz Vol 17

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By Sam Becker

*The results of this quiz does not imply any level of skill or training on the part of any customer. The content of this quiz is for educational purpose only.

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