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Made in Concert: Updates Fueled by the Stash Community

July 15, 2019
man on drums, woman playing guitar on stash app

5 min read

You ask for stuff. We listen.

Made in Concert isn’t about music. Rather, it’s about the oh-so-sweet metaphoric music we all make together when we improve the product by listening to you—our customers. So read on Stasher! Experience the sweet sound of progress.

Issue No. 4: Homecoming
July 15, 2019

This issue may not be about two dogs and a cat on an incredible journey, but it is about a long walk home

It all started when Stash nation asked us to make the platform simpler. One of our designers (named Leo) said, “You’re not alone, Stashers!” So now after months of talking to Stashers, designing screens, drinking seltzer, doing trust falls, and writing code, we can finally say the new Stash Home is here! Let’s take it from the top… (And at the bottom of this article you’ll be able to opt-in.)

Now introducing… Total Stash Value!

Featured at the top of your new home screen is the total sum of all your portfolio value1 and your debit account balance2. It’s your one-stop spot to see how much your Stash is worth. Holy moley, me oh my!

Shout-out to Snapshots

Just under your Total Stash Value1, you’ll see your brand new snapshots. On the left, you’ve got Invest. On the right, you’ve got Debit.

Tap that little eyeball icon to change your display!*

Your Invest snapshot displays the combined value1 of all your portfolios and progress on your next milestone. Keep in mind, milestones now apply to your combined portfolio value, not just your personal portfolio value. And in case it wasn’t clear, your Debit2 snapshot simply displays your available balance so you know exactly how much you can spend.

Play with purpose

Now, as you scroll down Home, you’ll find better organized sections that make finding what you need as easy as one, two, three.

Each section focuses on one purpose—like investing or learning, for example. Take a scroll and experience it for yourself.

One more song!

Finally, as a little something extra… we’ve implemented our sleek, new design pattern so that your new Home looks beautiful, too.

Thank you for all the help. Welcome home, Stashers!

How do you access your beautiful new financial Home?

This is only available on the Stash app on your mobile phone. First, you need to be on the latest version of our app, so make sure to update.

Product Feedback

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Investing, simplified.

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Investing is better with friends.

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*Past Updates

Issue No. 3: The Wide World of Web
May 28, 2019

This week an engineer on the web team walked over to a writer and said, “Hey writer! What about web?”

The writer turned on their computer, opened up Netscape, and saw the signs of wonderful things—and so replied: “I am eternally sorry engineer. Now I see that webs were woven.”

The engineer nodded knowingly and walked away into the distant fog… And now this week’s post is all about updates to the web y’all!

Debit’s Big Debut

Newly dropped! Debit. On. Web.

You can now check out your balance and transaction history. This is just the beginning of seeing your dolla, dolla bills y’all. We’ve got more on the way…

Debit on web yesterday
Debit on web today

Auto-Stash Dominates the Airwaves

Auto-Stash’s big year continues. You asked for strategy management on the web. Well, now you’ve got it. All Auto-Stash strategies, including Round-Ups and Smart-Stash, are now in the wild on web and lookin’ for adventure.

Set Schedule and Round-Ups and Smart-Stash. Oh my!


Look! A Round-Ups management screen.

Deep PRPL Rolls On

Alright hold on tight! The national tour continues on web for PRPL, our sleek new accessible design system. You’ll notice new typography, colors, and more as we try to make things look as good as you!

B.P. (Before PRPL)
A.P (After PRPL)

Verification Elation

Some of you asked for more verification methods for two-factor authentication and new device verification. Done. New alternate methods (voice and email) add up to validate me, oh so easy.

Next time on Made in Concert (for real): Homecoming

We decided to do this web issue, but next we’ll take a look at our new Home experience. It’s already out to some users, so don’t be surprised if you see something new!

Product Feedback

Want your idea to become a reality? Here are ways to communicate your thoughts and suggestions in order to better help the team:

Email us [email protected]

Check us out on social Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

*Past Updates

Issue No. 2: Auto-Stash and PRPL
May 13, 2019

Greetings Stashers. Another release just dropped. This week we’re writing about Auto-Stash and design updates on iOS. (Coming soon to other platforms near you…)

Auto-Stash is Going Platinum

It’s been a big year for Auto-Stash. In January, two new strategies, Round-Ups and Smart-Stash, arrived. The whole UI got a much-needed refresh last month. And now Auto-Stash is getting its very own home (not on the home screen). We’re so proud.

Auto-Stash is going down, down sugar…to the bottom navigation bar. That home tile was kind of painful to find, right? Also, the team combined management for your retirement and custodial portfolios into the experience. So now you can access all things Auto-Stash from anywhere in the app. With. Just. One. Tap.


Kind of a long time ago in a conference room in our office, we locked some designers in a room and played late ‘60s heavy metal until they came up with a new design system. The result…

PRPL! Our sleek new accessible design system.

We’re not sure we’re sure where the name came from, but this isn’t just smoke on the water to us, Stashers. Great design truly is the cornerstone of great products.

So throughout the app, you may notice various look-and-feel upgrades. Examples include permanent deletion of two-tone gradient screens, more smart form-fields, super accessible type styles, and simpler experiences. All sorts of good feels.

Every day, we’re continuing to make PRPL even purpler, so stay tuned.

Next time on Made in Concert: Homecoming

We’ll take a look at our new Home experience. It’s already out to 5% of you, so don’t be surprised if you see something new!

By Stash Team

1Note, the cash value of your personal, custodial and retirement portfolios are Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed and May Lose Value.
2Account opening of Stash debit account is subject to Green Dot Bank approval.
*Product screenshots are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as advice to buy or sell any particular security.
**Investment products and services are not offered by Green Dot Bank, are NOT FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed and May Lose Value.

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