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Stash Investments: Explore the ETFs, Invest in Your Beliefs

June 06, 2017

  • Almost all of the investments on Stash are Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Here are all the ETFs available on Stash Invest
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Almost all of the investments available on Stash are ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Which means they are a bundle of securities that attempt to track an index, which often has a theme of some kind. The only exception is Roll with Buffett, which is Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B, Warren Buffett’s holding company.

Each of our investments has been given a Stash name, which helps you know what it’s all about.

For instance, Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ETF is called Delicious Dividends on Stash. Stash is a platform providing access to investments created and managed by a variety of asset managers. We provide you with an investment profile written by us, as well as links to the website of the fund.

See an investment on the list, but not in your Stash app? It might not fit your risk profile. Not all investments available on Stash are suitable for every investor. Stash investments are categorized as conservative, moderate, or aggressive risk levels.

 Our Recommendation: The Mixes

When you start investing with Stash, we recommend a mix that suits your risk profile. We have three mixes: Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive.

Conservative Mix – Ticker Symbol: AOK

Investing is about balancing the sweet taste of reward with the bitter reality of risk. With Conservative Mix, you are sticking with a lower risk investment. In short, you’re likely to sacrifice the potential reward for slower, steadier growth. This mix contains a higher ratio of bonds and cash to stocks.

Moderate Mix – Ticker Symbol: AOM

Looking for a good place to start building your investment portfolio? The Moderate Mix ETF provides a solid foundation you can add money to over time. It provides exposure to a broad mix of global stocks, bonds and cash, so it is very diversified.

Aggressive Mix – Ticker Symbol: AOR

Aggressive Mix is designed to get you broad exposure to global stocks, bonds, and cash. This mix offers more stocks than bonds and cash, which could be suitable for a younger, more aggressive investor with more time to absorb risk.

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Go Big

Blue Chips – Ticker Symbol: MGC

These behemoth blue-chip companies tend to be sturdy and strong when others may falter. Thanks to their size, they’re likely to be more stable than the smaller fish in the pond.

Top 3 Holdings:

Apple Inc.

Check out our profile: Blue Chips

Risk level: Conservative

Roll with Buffett – Ticker Symbol: BRK.B

This buys shares of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett’s holding company that includes a broad mix of businesses. Now one of the world’s wealthiest people, Buffett built his fortune by investing in unseen value.

Check out our profile: Roll with Buffett

Risk level: Moderate

Delicious DividendsTicker Symbol: SCHD

When these companies generate profits, they share more with investors than most – in the form of dividends. This asset covers strong companies that consistently pay dividends.

Top 3 Holdings:

Home Depot Inc.
Coca Cola

Check out our profile: Delicious Dividends

Risk level: Conservative

Copy the Experts – Ticker Symbol: GURU

You used to need millions to invest in hedge funds. Now you can follow their lead, on your budget. Invest in the holdings of some of the top hedge funds.

Top 3 Holdings:

Dycom Industries Inc.
Grubhub Inc.

Check out our profile: Copy the Experts

Risk level: Moderate

Go Small

Small but Mighty – Ticker Symbol: VB

Quick, nimble, and often overlooked, many small capitalized companies have a lot of room to grow. Remember, all big companies started out small.

Top 3 Holdings:

Diamondback Energy Inc.
CDW Corporation
Domino’s Pizza Inc.

Check out our profile: Small but Mighty

Risk level: Moderate

Focus on the Earth and Equality

clean and green

Clean & GreenTicker Symbol: ICLN

No one likes polluting the earth, but our energy addiction is hard to break. Clean energy companies to the rescue! Clean the air and invest in companies producing solar, wind, and other forms of renewable energy.

Top 3 Holdings:

First Solar Inc.
Gamesa Corp Technologica
Vestas Wind Systems

Check out our profile: Clean & Green

Risk level: Moderate

Combat Carbon – Ticker Symbol: CRBN

Looking to enlist your dollars in the fight against climate change? Look no further. This diverse collection of well-known brands and smaller companies does great business with relatively small carbon footprints.

Top 3 Holdings:

Apple Inc.

Check out our profile: Combat Carbon

Risk level: Moderate

Equality WorksTicker Symbol: EQLT

Equality works better for everyone. These companies support their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees with equal rights, inclusive policies, and respect.

Top 3 Holdings:

The Chemours Company
Hilton Grand Vacations, Inc.

Check out our profile: Equality Works

Risk level: Moderate

Do the Right ThingTicker Symbol: SUSA

It’s easy to talk about making the world a better place – these companies actually do it. This asset includes socially responsible businesses that make positive impacts on environmental, social, and governance issues.

Top 3 Holdings:

Microsoft Corp.
Apple Inc.

Check out our profile: Do the Right Thing

Risk level: Conservative

*The ticker symbol for Do the Right Thing was formerly KLD.

Water the WorldTicker Symbol: PHO

Fresh water is a scarce and valuable resource for people and businesses. This investment covers companies that provide the equipment and services that help conserve, purify, and transport that fresh water.

Top 3 Holdings:

Waters Corp.
Roper Technologies Inc.
Ecolab Inc.

Check out our profile: Water the World

Risk level: Moderate


Internet Titans – Ticker Symbol: FDN

From shopping, to dating, to entertainment, the Internet has changed almost every aspect of life – and it’s only twenty-something years old. These companies capitalize on the Internet’s irresistible allure.

Top 3 Holdings:
Facebook Inc (Class A)
Netflix Inc.

Check out our profile: Internet Titans

Risk level: Moderate

On Cloud 9 – Ticker Symbol: SKYY

As our devices slim down and our data piles up, we’re relying more than ever on the cloud. These cloud computing technology companies let us store and access our photos, songs, and files anywhere, anytime.

Top 3 Holdings:

Netflix Inc.
Facebook Inc. (Class A)

Check out our profile: On Cloud 9

Risk level: Moderate

Wireless Wonders – Ticker Symbol: VOX

Whether you’re hearing a friend’s voice from a thousand miles away, burning through your data plan on a long road trip, or over-analyzing texts from you latest Tinder date, telecom companies keep us connected.

Top 3 Holdings:

AT&T Inc.
Verizon Communications Inc.
T-Mobile US Inc.

Check out our profile: Wireless Wonders

Risk level: Moderate

Robots Rising – Ticker Symbol: ROBO

Let robots do the heavy lifting – and tedious tasks. These companies lead the way in robotics and automation technologies.

Top 3 Holdings:

iRobot Corporation
Daifuku Company Ltd
Aerovironment Inc.

Check out our profile: Robots Rising

Risk level: Moderate

Social Media ManiaTicker Symbol: SOCL

How’d we function before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? With 2 billion on social media, these companies are LOL’ing all the way to the bank. Invest if you can’t get enough of these platforms.

Top 3 Holdings:

Twitter Inc.
Tencent Holdings Ltd.
Facebook Inc. Class A

Check out our profile: Social Media Mania

Risk level: Moderate

Data DefendersTicker Symbol: CIBR

Cyber attacks can steal your identity, leak private data, and cost billions in damages. As we rely more on tech, we need cybersecurity more than ever. These superheroes protect people, companies, and governments.

Top 3 Holdings:

Check point Software Technologies Ltd.
Symantec Corporation
Cisco Systems Inc.

Check out our profile: Data Defenders

Risk level: Moderate

American InnovatorsTicker Symbol: VGT

What do lightbulbs, lunar landers, and iPads all have in common? They’re all products of American tech. Invest if you think we’re just getting started. This covers electronics, software, hardware, and IT companies.

Top 3 Holdings:

Apple Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Facebook Inc. Class A

Check out our profile: American Innovators

Risk level: Moderate


Live Long & ProsperTicker Symbol: XLV

With baby boomers aging, technology advancing, and obesity problems persisting, the healthcare sector looks hale and hearty. This asset covers global pharma, biotech, and medical device companies.

Top 3 Holdings:

Johnson & Johnson
Pfizer Inc.
Merck & Co. Inc.

Check out our profile: Love Long & Prosper

Risk level: Moderate

Modern MedsTicker Symbol: XBI

An apple a day just doesn’t cut it anymore. These biotech and pharmaceutical companies work to cure diseases and save lives. Some of them might just hit on the next big breakthroughs.

Top 3 Holdings:

Exact Sciences Corporation
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Check out our profile: Modern Meds

Risk level: Aggressive


Money MachinesTicker Symbol: VFH

It takes money to make money. Invest in some of the biggest companies in finance, including banks, brokers, insurance, and real estate operators.

Top 3 Holdings:

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Wells Fargo & Co.
Bank of America Corporation

Check out our profile: Money Machines

Risk level: Moderate


Enjoy YourselfTicker Symbol: PEJ

Whether you’re living it up on a holiday weekend or binge-watching your latest obsession, these leisure, hospitality, food, beverage, and entertainment companies aim to please.

Top 3 Holdings:

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Priceline Group Inc.
United Continental Holdings Inc.

Check out our profile: Enjoy Yourself

Risk level: Moderate

Build Something

Public Works  – Ticker Symbol: MUB

An investment in municipal bonds gets the job done, in more ways than one. States and cities use them to fund important building projects and run the day to day. You get a relatively low risk investment in the process — and muni interest income is exempt from federal taxes.

Top 3 Holdings:

Blackrock Liquid MuniCash
California State
University of California

Check out our profile: Public Works

Risk level: Conservative

Real Estate Tycoon – Ticker Symbol: VNQ

Buying real estate is a powerful way to diversify and generate income. Investing in these mighty landlords can earn rental revenue from commercial, hotel, and residential properties. (Most dividends are taxed as ordinary income.)

Top 3 Holdings:

Reit II Index Fund
Simon Property Group Inc.
Equinix Inc

Check out our profile: Real Estate Tycoon

Risk level: Moderate

Home Sweet HomeTicker Symbol: XHB

Even if you’re not dreaming of a white-picket fence and 2.5 kids in the suburbs, you can still get a piece of the action. These home construction companies make the American Dream a reality for many.

Top 3 Holdings:

Masco Corporation
Tempur Sealy International Inc.
Home Depot Inc.

Check out our profile: Home Sweet Home

Risk level: Moderate

From the Earth

Raw EarthTicker Symbol: GNR

Everything starts with raw materials. Oil and natural gas, seeds, fertilizers, and metals — these are the materials that we need to fuel our everyday lives. This investment covers the world of energy, agribusiness, and mining.

Top 3 Holdings:

Sygenta AG-REG
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Total SA

Check out our profile: Raw Earth

Risk level: Moderate

All that GlittersTicker Symbol: GLTR

Precious metal coins have been an indicator of wealth for millennia – far longer than that tattered bill in your wallet. An investment in precious metals may protect you from paper money losing its value over time.

Top 3 Holdings:

Gold (SGOL)
Silver (SIVR)
Platinum (PPLT)

Check out our profile: All that Glitters

Risk level: Moderate

Go Global

Up & Coming – Ticker Symbol: VWO

What do China, Taiwan, India, and Brazil have in common? Rapid economic development. This international investment includes emerging economies that span from Latin America, to Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Top 3 Holdings:

Naspers Ltd.

Check out our profile: Up & Coming

Risk Level: Moderate

Pacific Powerhouses – Ticker Symbol: VPL

Innovative Japanese companies take center stage in this investment. Look further and you’ll find the banks of Hong Kong and Australia. This investment includes powerhouse companies from the developed economies in Asia Pacific.

Top 3 Holdings:

Samsung Electronics Co.
Toyota Motor Corp.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Check out our profile: Pacific Powerhouses

Risk Level: Moderate

Essential Europe – Ticker Symbol: VGK

The European economy is as diverse as the landscapes, languages, and people who live there. This investment covers it all – from chocolate to healthcare, and banking to beer. If it’s a masterpiece of European innovation, you’ll find it here.

Top 3 Holdings:

Roche Holdings

Check out our profile: Essential Europe

Risk Level: Moderate

Global CitizenTicker Symbol: VT

Why limit yourself to the US? Tap into companies from all corners of the earth. This investment exposes you to over 7,000 assets across 40 countries.

Top 3 Holdings:

Apple Inc.
Microsoft Corp. Inc.

Check out our profile: Global Citizen

Risk level: Conservative

Colossal ChinaTicker Symbol GXC

With innovative entrepreneurs and an ascendant middle class, China has had one of the fastest-growing economies in recent decades. This asset covers a wide range of Chinese stocks open to foreign investors.

Top 3 Holdings:

Tencent Holdings Ltd.
Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.
China Construction Bank Corporation Class H

Check out our profile: Colossal China

Risk level: Aggressive

Economic Engines

Young MoneyTicker Symbol: MILN

80 million millennials are entering their prime spending years, and everyone wants in on the action. These companies could stand to benefit from the unique preferences and spending power of America’s largest generation.

Top 3 Holdings:

Paypal Holdings Inc.
Alphabet Inc. Class A (Google)
Netflix Inc.

Check out our profile: Young Money

Risk level: Conservative

Retail TherapyTicker Symbol: XRT

Shopping is contagious. These retail companies sell the styles, staples, and sensations the world can’t help but buy. Invest your money in the industry that’s always enticing us to spend on something new.

Top 3 Holdings:

Wayfair Inc.
Five Below Inc.
Sprouts Farmers Markets Inc.

Check out our profile: Retail Therapy

Risk level: Moderate

Defending AmericaTicker Symbol: ITA

The US defense budget has tripled in the past 30 years, and is the biggest in the world. These aerospace and defense companies build the weapons that help fend off threats from terrorists and superpowers.

Top 3 Holdings:

United Technologies Corp.
Lockheed Martin Corp.

Check out our profile: Defending America

Risk level: Moderate

High Voltage – Ticker Symbol: VPU

Whether stocks go up or down, people always need electricity, water, and gas. Utility companies are the backbone of America, and this fund offers a practical selection that includes everything from coal to renewables.

Top 3 Holdings:

Nextera Energy Inc.
Duke Energy Corp.
The Southern Company

Check out our profile: High Voltage

Risk level: Conservative

Take it Slow

Slow & SteadyTicker Symbol: SPLV

Volatile investments surge and sink without much warning, making for bigger risks and rewards. Getting on the bad side of those wild swings can hurt. This covers bigger companies that show less volatility.

Top 3 Holdings:

Johnson & Johnson
Republic Services Inc.

Check out our profile: Slow & Steady

Risk level: Conservative

Park My CashTicker Symbol: MINT

These short-term bonds tend to generate monthly dividends with a focus on capital preservation. It can be a good complement to stock investments, or just Stash your cash with lower risk.

Top 3 Holdings:

Barclays Bank
Verizon Communications
Sumitomo Mitsui

Check out our profile: Park My Cash

Risk level: Conservative

Uncle SamTicker Symbol: VGIT

Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government, treasury debt is considered pretty much risk-free. Want to preserve your capital and earn monthly coupon payments? Hold this investment for the long term.

Top 3 Holdings:

UST Note
Fannie Mae

Check out our profile: Uncle Sam

Risk level: Conservative


By Stash Team

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