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Famous for Post-it notes and Scotch tape, this conglomerate produces over 55,000 products.


The Chinese technology conglomerate operates the planet's largest retail marketplace by volume.


Google's parent is the globe's largest media owner and earns most of its money from advertising.


The world's first online commerce giant now has its hand in countless industries.


Renowned for its design focus, the iconic innovator's business spans hundreds of countries.


The world's largest aerospace company is also the USA's largest manufacturing exporter.


The globe's biggest networking company engineers the technologies that power the internet.


The membership-only warehouse operator is one of the world's largest consumer retailers.


This energy powerhouse is the largest publicly traded oil and natural gas company.


The social media mammoth strives to use its networks to bring the world closer together.


The American industrial icon builds and sells millions of automobiles around the world.


America's largest automotive manufacturer sells cars on five continents and in 125 countries.

General Electric

The storied digital industrial conglomerate conducts business in approximately 180 countries.

Home Depot

The North American superstore chain is the world's top home improvement retailer by net sales.

Johnson & Johnson

The historic health-care company operates more than 260 companies in over 60 countries.


Known for its "Golden Arches," the world's top restaurant chain serves 69 million every day.


The longtime software market leader builds business, cloud, and personal computing solutions.


The pioneer of advanced computing builds the processors that fuel the AI revolution.


This massive production studio streams original and licensed video content in over 190 countries.


The global leader in athletic footwear and apparel is renowned for its high-performance brand.


This global food and beverage company operates in more than 200 countries and territories.

Procter & Gamble

The consumer stalwart markets over 60 iconic cleaning, personal care, and hygienics products.


Social app Snapchat's parent company hopes to reinvent the camera and improve communication.


The universally recognized coffeehouse chain claims over 25,000 stores across 75 markets.


America's second largest discount retailer offers everyday necessities at discounted prices.


The integrated sustainable energy company leads the emerging electric vehicle industry.

The Coca-Cola Company

The planet's number one beverage company licenses and markets over 500 non-alcoholic beverages.

The Walt Disney Company

The famous "house of mouse" owns media networks, movie studios, theme parks, and more.

Union Pacific

This stalwart powers global supply chains with a rail network that links 23 US states.


The colossal multinational retail corporation is the world's largest company by revenue.

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Investing Simplified

Start investing in companies you love with just $5.
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