At Stash, we know every customer wants something a little different, so they can create the best financial future for themselves. That’s why we’re rolling out three new subscription plans, based on your individual needs, and to help you fulfill your goals.

Looking to start investing and just get your feet wet as you discover what there is to know about the market? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re looking to save some money and earn stock or ETFs while you spend on our debit card1. Count us in! What about all of the above, plus long-term planning for retirement, and putting money away for the kids in your life? We have a plan for that too.

Think of our new investing subscription plans like your favorite music playlists—you get to pick and choose what will work best for you in your financial life.

We also think our subscription plans are a great value. You can actually save money using Stash’s financial products, and our subscription fee2 is completely transparent—we charge a fixed dollar amount each month, rather than a percentage of your assets. That means you get to keep more of what you save.

Here’s how you can save money using one of Stash’s subscription plans.

The new Stash lineup!

Stash Beginner

For just $1 a month2, you’ll get a personal investment account with unlimited trades, plus access to no hidden fee banking services3. You’ll also get access to our Stock-Back rewards program, which lets you earn stock or ETFs as you spend on your Stash debit card.

Stash Growth

For $3 a month2, you get a personal investment account, a retirement account, and access to Stash’s banking services with Stock-Back rewards. The Growth tier can help you build a smart financial lifestyle by helping you balance long-term savings goals like retirement, with shorter-term money goals like building an emergency fund and investing in the stock market.


For $9 a month2, you get the personal investment account, access to banking services with Stock-Back Rewards (plus a premium metal debit card8 and double Stock-Back rewards every time you spend6),  a retirement account, and two custodial accounts that can help the children in your life start saving for the future. You’ll also get a monthly market insight report that takes a deep dive into critical market analysis, created especially for our Stash+ users.

And regardless of what tier you choose, all Stash investors have access to free educational content about personal finance, investing, and money and lifestyle.  We also offer investing advice in the app, and automatic savings tools that help you keep on track with your savings goals.

How we stack up

Not convinced? We offer investment accounts, unlimited trading, and banking services at competitive prices.

  • We don’t require an account minimum before you can start investing.
  • Some other investment accounts might charge annual management fees between 0.25% and 1%. That means, the more you save with them, the more you have to pay them. We charge a flat monthly fee1.
  • Some banks might charge you money for low checking account balances, not to mention $30 or more for overdraft fees.
  • With Stash, you can get started with your investing life for just $5, and you get unlimited trading. We also don’t charge some common banking fees—you heard that right. We don’t charge low-balance fees3 or overdraft fees7. Also, if you set up direct deposit, you can get you your pay up to two days early with ASAP direct deposit.4

More details about Stash’s products

With Stash you get five great products, plus financial education

  • Personal investment account: You’ll get unlimited trades and the ability to buy hundreds of individual stocks, bonds, and exchange-traded funds.
  • Banking services: You can use the Stash debit card fee-free at thousands of ATMs around the country, to take out money and deposit it.5 You can also use it wherever Visa debit is accepted. We also give you access to our rewards program, Stock-Back rewards, which gives you stock every time you spend6; at your favorite public traded companies, or in a global stock ETF.
  • Retirement account: Whether it’s a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, we have you covered, and you can start your long-term planning now.
  • Custodial accounts9: Put money away for the children in your life. Custodial accounts function like brokerage accounts, and let you put money into a wide range of investments.

So whether you’re a beginner trying to learn the ropes of investing, or whether you’re a bit more advanced and looking for both brokerage and retirement accounts to meet your short-term and long-term goals, or maybe you just want to save money and get Stock-Back Rewards, we have subscription plans to help you lead your financial life the way you want to live it.


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Investing is better with friends.

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