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What To Do When You’ve Retired: Hobbies and Adventures Await

August 10, 2018
what to do when you retire

You’ve punched your last clock. Here’s what to do now that you’re retired.

2 min read

What do you want to do when you retire? It doesn’t have to be all Tommy Bahama shirts, talk radio, and shaking your fist at neighborhood kids who dare to cut through your yard. Retirement can be rich, rewarding, and exciting—if you get creative about it.

You may not be anywhere near retirement age yet, but it’s never too early to start visualizing life without work.

What do people actually do when they retire?

For many retirees, life can actually be pretty mundane after leaving the workforce. While you may not be chained to a desk, relatively few live out their dreams of sailing the world or hitting the links every day, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Time Use Survey, a report that breaks down how Americans spend their time using government data.

Here’s a look at how retirees spend their time:

What could you do when you retire?

What if you yearn for more than a La-Z-Boy, a Tempur-Pedic, and premium cable package? Here are some ideas:

  1. Build your dream home inside of an old missile silo. Or move to a wild west ghost town.
  2. Play Bird Bingo. No—live Bird Bingo.
  3. Move to France. Buy a farm. Enjoy fresh bread from local bakeries.
  4. Tap into your inner-Nancy Drew and solve some local mysteries.
  5. Lie in a hammock and watch your significant other garden.
  6. Start or join a band and kick out some Proclaimers covers.
  7. Start knitting or crocheting and make weird things for your friends or neighbors.
  8. Learn to paint.
  9. Learn to sculpt with clay.
  10. Learn to create small, clay heads of your enemies; Keep them within smashing distance.
  11. Travel—if you never made it to Kearney, Nebraska, now’s the time!
  12. Visit museums and check out all of the antiquities. You’ll be moth bait, too, soon.
  13. Cook up a storm; Your kids and grandkids are probably all “skin and bones”, after all.
  14. Spend time with your pets. Or adopt one. There’s always an animal in need of rescue.
  15. Explore the world of pet pageantry—sign your dog up for a dog show!
  16. Go to the movies at 11 a.m., because you can.
  17. Start a blog to document your life as a retiree.
  18. Write a memoir. If your life was boring, classify it as “historical fiction.”
  19. Review restaurants for your local newspaper.
  20. Move out to the country; Eat a lot of peaches.
  21. Start a small business.
  22. Sit on a beach and let life slowly wash away.
  23. Gamble your social security checks away. (No, don’t do this, really.)
  24. Make nonsensical social media posts to keep your friends and relatives confused.
  25. Volunteer. Make someone else’s life better by teaching or helping those in need.

Now that you have some ideas of what you can do when you’re retired, the trick is getting there. You can start saving for retirement with Stash.

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By Sam Becker

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